JNNS is a Miami-based art and design studio founded by Jeanne Canto. Her hands and touch define both her organic and digital work including her photography, graphic design, and ceramics. Her architecture background (Master in Architecture and Master of Arts in Architecture, Florida International University) lends a foundation to her multidisciplinary approach. Jeanne’s work through JNNS is always changing experimental by nature but it can be organized into three main pillars: 

Commissioned Work: May include interior or architectural photography, brand building by way of a logo or design consulting or something more tactile, such as the custom chandelier she created for New York-based integrative wellness club The Well. A capiz shell mobile, the installation was made from organic materials, meant to resemble rain pouring in, reflecting the brand. 

Personal Art: Folds, an artistic practice using paper, revolves around experimentation and reiteration, a design method she learned in architecture school. The final form, a crisp geometric art piece, is second to the story of the methodical folding process. 

Functional Design: These approachable pieces include handmade sculptural vases made to order. Playful pieces, available in various finishes, the vases reveal functional solutions to hold flowers upright. 

JNNS values purposeful design, community, and collaboration. Please feel free to reach out if you have ideas about something we can make together, including installations, product design, interior photography, creative direction, custom typography, and branded materials.

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